About Us is an online platform to learn Indian carnatic & classical music. We have expert singers & musicians who conduct 1-1 or group classes online. Our obejctive is to take Indian music across the globe and help people globally learn & train in Indian music and singing style. 


Our Singing Gurus:


 Ramya R Youtube Link Facebook Page

Ramya is a Senior Grade Carnatic Classical Artist. Ramya has been giving many concerts in and around Bangalore and has won many awards including Radio Mirchi Super Singer award. She has been training Indian & international students for more than 8 years across India, UK & Globe. 


 Sneha T 

Sneha T is a Mysore - All India Radio Artist. She has been part of many concerts in and around Bangalore and Mysore and has been training students


We conduct 1-1 singing class for kids and teenagers who are interested and passionate in Indian & Carnatic singing.  As of now we have trained (basic) more than 20 students (Indian) living in UK, USA & India. Contact us if you need to talk to some of our students & their parents for reference check.

Why Us?

There are many established music / signing houses / portals / academies in India & abroad. But our strength is that we "keep our music simple". Our first & main ojective is to immediately help our students identify their potential, correct their basic mistakes and help them grow. This way they will feel more confident and express themselves freely through their singing. Post our basic training, they can choose to go deep in the field of music. We not only guide our students & their parents, but help them identify the right academic route and which certificate courses to pursue.